Starting Small but Thinking Big

In 1987, Eagle Management Group was created to fill the need for an independent labor company that offered consistent, high-level dependable service. The first city the company opened was New York … the hub of trade show activity at that time. It was a difficult city to maneuver with its strict rules and regulations regarding labor. However, the owners knew if they achieved success in New York the rest would follow.

As time went on, the company’s hard work, integrity, and attention-to-detail began to get noticed. Eagle’s work ethic was unusual then; and it still is today.

In 1988, they opened an office to serve the Washington, DC / Baltimore / Northern Virginia market and just kept growing from there…

  • 1990 – Atlanta, Boston
  • 1991 – Chicago, Southern California
  • 1992 – Las Vegas, Northern California, Southern Florida
  • 1993 – Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans
  • 2000 – Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, Nashville

Part of the reason for their growth has always been their people, who deliver the same high quality work in every city. Eagle now operates in 31 cities, and employs over 250 people nationally. Through all the expansion, they have never changed the quality of their work or the caliber of their people. And they never will.

Eagle Management Group Timeline