Over 30 Years of Experience

Eagle Management Group provides the service of assembling and leading teams of highly skilled workers to install and dismantle exhibits. With 30+ years of experience in trade shows, permanent installs, corporate events, private events, and more, our goal is to help ensure your vision is realized. From working with industry-leading Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses and start-ups, providing excellent labor management to clients is our key focus. With extraordinary clients, employees, and partners servicing 3,000+ trade shows per year, we’re humbled to be trusted by clients from all industry sectors and sizes.

Our Culture

With such a high employee tenure, we’re often asked “how do you do it?” Our trick is to make sure that every time we make a hire, our employees exhibit all six of these key traits:

  • Confidence in our mission and work
  • Professionalism towards our clients, employees, partners, and vendors
  • Enthusiasm for our clients and work
  • A proactive nature to mitigate risk
  • Resourcefulness to get the job complete on time and within budget
  • A can-do attitude

Our Core Values

  • Leadership: We focus on creating leaders in our industry, company, and communities. By attending and hosting regular team trainings, seminars, and apprenticeships, we know how to take a vision and make it a reality while building confident, inspired, and innovative teams along the way.
  • Loyalty: With a culture focused on trust and commitment, we foster loyal employees and partners who are dedicated to achieving results and exceeding our clients’ expectations every time.
  • Teamwork: Our teams instinctively watch out for each other to ensure every project, deadline, and expectation is being met with the highest standards.
  • Accountability: We remain accountable to our timelines and commitments. Our customers rely on us, and we proactively work with them to ensure they always trust our words and actions.