Why Us

Redefining Success With Eagle

High Safety & Performance Standards

From supervision services to graphic production to IT support, our team will always go above and beyond to meet your needs. We believe in it so much that our philosophy is “above and beyond” to ensure that our clients have everything they need for a successful event.

Transparent, Clear Communication

From our very first call to the post-event satisfaction survey, our ­­­dedicated account team proactively communicates with customers to increase transparency and get it right the first time. Our team keeps customers informed throughout every step to help ease minds and ensure a successful event.

Systematic Quality Control & Accountability

Our team embraces accountability and quality control for your labor needs. We provide situational evaluations by trained staff, detailed show floor and photo documentation, and damage reports for your convenience. These extra steps help ensure no surprises or hiccups along the way.

Detailed Estimates & Budgets

With detailed estimates and established rates your team can rest easy knowing your labor needs will remain within budget. Our team will work with you to prepare estimates and provide post-event budget reconciliation. We’ve worked with thousands of customers and continually hear from clients how impressed they are with the level of detail in our estimates.

Experienced Project Management

Being in business since 1987, we understand the importance of working with experienced project managers who can proactively anticipate your needs. Our team triple-checks every detail so our customers can focus on their key priorities without worrying about their labor needs. Additionally, we are experts when it comes to working in different states to adhere to union and labor laws.

Real-Time Orders & Reports

Our world-class software gives clients direct access to perform real-time order reviews, find historical information, and access convenient self-entry options. With our comprehensive analytics, we can provide client specific and customer service reports anytime.